The Simple Life: How We Lived Without the Internet

Today, you can order food delivered to your home, while in the comfort of your pajamas, Netflix exists and you can communicate with friends and family all over the world with Skype. Without the Internet, what would modern life be like? This week, we reminisce on some of what used to be, when social media, Pokémon GO and e-mail were only figments of our imagination.

The library was more important.

The Internet transformed the research/literature experience. Before it existed, you may have had to check out a library book and not rent an e-book from Amazon for school course reading, research involved competing with another library visitor for use of the World Book encyclopedias and all of this made having a library card really necessary.

FOMO (fear of missing out) wasn’t a thing. If anything, there was less of it.

We didn’t have social media to always tell us what friends and family were doing 24/7. Being content with what you were doing and the plans you had was enough to be content.


The check

Before online payments and direct deposit were possible, checks and physical visits to the bank were needed a lot more. You actually had to interact with people a lot more and physically manage the movement of your money with tellers or by phone. Basically, it actually forced us to be more sociable.

You could totally “disconnect.”

Constantly having a digital device on you can be exhausting. Being able to enjoy trips or mini adventures with friends, without having apps, emails and phone calls, was more relaxing and allowed you to live more “in the moment.”

Arguably, life may have been better without the Internet; however, it has also connected the world to each other. Communication and information is more accessible and learning more attainable. The future seems a whole lot brighter and HDT is glad to be a part of it.

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