The FCC Vs. Comcast: A Lesson For Telecoms in Customer Care


Photo: Matt Rourke/AP

Not even the world’s biggest companies are invincible.

In a settlement published by the Federal Communications Commission, the agency cited several customer allegations from a recent investigation conducted by the FCC of Comcast Corporation over a two-year time span.   Common service fees, taxes, late fees and other similar charges can be normal for billing practices; However, “cramming,” a practice by some companies involving small fees being added to customers’ bills, studied by industry analysts for its relation to customer service treatment, was credited as a contributor to Comcast’s overall situation.

Following the investigation, Comcast agreed to pay a $2.3 million fine, not a huge amount of money for a company as large as Comcast but the largest civil penalty ever assessed against a cable provider, according to the FCC.

HDT prides itself on providing its clients with a genuine experience when questions, concerns or other feedback arises. Customer care is a priority not to be compromised and it is with diligence that we work to distinguish ourselves from industry competitors.  In order to have clear, accurate customer records and an honest channel of communication between company and customer, HDT bills customers only for services explicitly agreed upon and signed for, that are reflected in quotes and/or estimates provided to customers, with no hidden fees or charges other than a Federal Universal Service Fund, Regulatory Fees, TRS and Hawaii General Excise Tax.  In addition to this, HDT keeps records of customer actions made, inquiries or updates so that the company is informed about the customer’s status and, if the customer inquires, records can be referenced. All of this is done to ensure customers are not blindsided but, if they have questions, can more easily be helped.

Feel free to reach out to HDT’s Client Relations & Support Center at any time, by phone at (808) 440-8700, or by email at


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