HDT, Hawaii’s fastest growing Internet service provider, is a privately held ISP and licensed facilities-based local exchange carrier (CLEC) headquartered in Honolulu. HDT’s services are provided on HDT-owned network infrastructure, with products that offer a variety of Internet, voice and data services. Our goal is to provide affordable, ultrafast internet, whilst accompanying quality service to Hawaii’s businesses and residents.

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The FCC Vs. Comcast: A Lesson For Telecoms in Customer Care

Photo: Matt Rourke/AP Not even the world’s biggest companies are invincible. In a settlement published by the Federal Communications Commission, the agency cited several customer allegations from a recent investigation conducted by the FCC of Comcast Corporation over a two-year time span.   Common service fees, taxes, late fees and other similar charges can be normal … Continue reading The FCC Vs. Comcast: A Lesson For Telecoms in Customer Care

5G Or Not 5G? That Is The Question.

Last month, the BBC reported a Finnish firm claimed to have broken the current mobile Internet speed record by achieving a 1.9 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) speed on a test network.  This compares to an independent feat of 1 terabit-per-second (Tbps) on a 5G network. Why is this important, you ask? Everyone wants Internet; however, we’re all … Continue reading 5G Or Not 5G? That Is The Question.

The Internet’s Newest Underwater Highway

Last month, Facebook and Google announced their newest endeavor in the Pacific: building the longest and highest capacity undersea fiber-optic fiber cable between two continents, the Pacific Light Cable Network — PLCN for short. Upon completion, the cable will run from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and stretch over 8,000 miles.  The PLCN will have … Continue reading The Internet’s Newest Underwater Highway

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